Video Brand Identity

Introduction CERN’s visual identity

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

-Paul Raud, artistic director and graphic designer

The visual image that we present is an important message for the world:
CERN is a modern and innovative organisation with a clear sense of its mission. Our identity is established through a wide variety of media, both printed and digital. This material must always be consistent with the values of our brand.

The instructions for video branding are based on three main principles:

- Ensure the complete consistency of our visual identity and its deployment in digital media.
- Help to convey the image and values of our brand in an organised and structured way, by providing visual points of reference to help support the content of messages and images.
- Establish limits and a framework within which communications can be made.

This charter must be strictly followed in order to ensure the consistency of the Organization’s communications.

- For more information on CERN’s identity, see the annexes at the end of the "Video at CERN / Brand identity" document.

- The CERN logo is protected, any animation is forbiden. Minor effects, opacity and fade in / fade out are tolerated and subject to prior approuval.