Design and Visual Identity Service

The Design and Visual Identity Service is part of the Education Communications and Outreach Group. Its role is to define and manage the Organization’s image and to propose a wide range of graphical tools.

Who can use the Design and Visual Identity Service?

Priority is given to requests connected with the activities of the Education, Communication and Outreach Group, to matters relating to the use of the CERN logo and to high-visibility items where the image of the Organization is at stake.

For example: the Annual Report,  the Annual Report on Knowledge and Technology Transfer, on-site exhibitions etc.

Assistance is also provided:

  • for projects calling for application of the graphical charter  (signage, presentation templates etc.) ;
  • for conferences and other events organised by CERN (CAS, ESHEP, etc.)
  • for animations in the framework of public exhibitions.

What are the Design and Visual Identity Service’s work procedures?

For all new requests, contact the Design and Visual Identity Service (, which will analsye the feasibility of the project and :

  • prepare a project master plan taking into account the target audiences, the messages, the schedule and the budget;
  • select the communication media, i.e. brochure, poster, logo, exhibition, 3D animation, banner, etc.;
  • obtain estimates from external suppliers in accordance with CERN’s purchasing rules and manufacturing follow-up procedures;
  • recommend outside designers, where necessary.

Technical recommendations

For graphic design

  • Texts: Please supply finalised Word documents. Handwritten documents are not accepted. We recommend contacting the translation Service for proofreading and translation before giving us the texts.
  • Photos/illustrations: Photoshop, Tiff, Jpeg, Illustrator. Required resolution 300 DPI for A4 format. Logos must be original files. in eps or . ai format. Fonts must be in vector format. Photos inserted in Word documents cannot be used. Please include an http link to a file with the best resolution.
  • Image copyright: so as not to violate copyright laws, the images supplied must originate either from CERN’s audiovisual resources or from image banks, or their creator’s consent must have been obtained. All items on the web are de facto subject to copyright rules, even if they are open access, free of charge and carry no warning that they are protected.
  • Animations: a precise, documented script, including time-code, must be supplied.
  • Delivery times: For projects requiring more than one week’s work, the request must be submitted at least four weeks in advance. For projects requiring less than one week’s work, the request must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.
  • Work will begin once all the necessary documents have been supplied.

For 3D animations

  • Define the script or storyboard.
  • Number and timing of animations.
  • Define the material needs (2D drawings, 3D, and images if the 3D models do not exist in our database).
  • In the case of basic 3D integration (no tracking or Camera match) provide native editing of scenes into which the activities will be integrated and provide them in a lightweight format for our production. (mp4 (h.264) maximum 20kps)
  • As part of 3D integration vfx (3D part of the filmed perspective with motion) the facilitator must be present to develop the implementation of the green screen and tracker. Provide two formats (Apple ProRes for tracking and mp4 (h264) max 20kps for production).
  • Define a workspace for the transfer and exchange of files.
  • Deadlines to be agreed, work will begin when all items have been supplied

For motion design

  • Define the script or storyboard (precise)
  • Number and timing of animations.
  • Titles, text and/or voice-over
  • Graphic charter if it exists, otherwise it will be necessary to develop one.
  • Any element necessary for the production of animation (photo, logo, etc ...)
  • Define a workspace for the transfer and exchange of files.
  • Deadlines to be agreed, work will begin when all items have been supplied

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