Two templates are available. The first is a strictly CERN template, while the second can be customized for a particular body, project or event. The two templates must not be used within the same presentation.

The size of the characters must not be reduced unless absolutely necessary. No more than eight bullet points should feature on any one slide.

Templates are available in the downloads section (authentication required):

Example slides


The presentation 'top' slide must be shown at the beginning of each presentation. Do not add any content to this slide.

Title slide

Title slide showing presenter name and presentation title

Title and list slide

Slide showing a title with a bullet list

Slide with image

Slide with title only

Slide showing title only


The final slide showing the CERN badge logo on white background

The final slide of the presentation should be the 'tail' showing only the badge logo and the CERN base URL. No further content should be added to this slide.


Choosing slide styles

Several slide types are included in each presentation template:

Screenshot from PowerPoint 2011 for Mac showing the slide selection dialogue box

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