Colour plays an important role in how we see our environment and has a significant impact on our well-being. Tastes naturally differ from one person to another but the colour ranges available for offices and corridors are all in calming, harmonious tones to ensure that a change of office does not automatically mean having to call in the painters to redecorate.

The colours presented in the guidelines are as close as possible to the actual paint colours but variations in screen display or print mean an inevitable discrepancy with what they will actually look like on your wall.

Offices and corridors

Walls and floors of technical or electrical rooms and basements

RAL 6021

Cladding of industrial buildings

As the industrial buildings on the site have a significant visual impact it is desirable to standardise the colour of the paintwork in order to create a uniform whole. Monochrome grey, which works well with the existing buildings, is a relatively neutral colour that does not tend to fade too much as a result of exposure to the sun. The cladding of the industrial buildings on the site must be painted in Arval silver 9006. The finishings (window frames, doors) must be painted in Arval Titanium 9007.

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