I was surprised to see that the CERN logo hasn’t changed and that the new charter is based on the old logo. Why didn't you create a new design?

We did look into the possibility of a new CERN logo, but after making a study we realised that the old one is widely recognised and that people are very attached to it. Technically, it's a good logo which is modular and adaptable, so we confined ourselves to giving it a simple facelift. Moreover, the creation of a new logo would have required a lot of time and resources.


I'm organising a conference in partnership with a university. We'd like to use the CERN logo on the poster and website but the university doesn’t have a CERN account, so they can't download it with the necessary resolution. What should I do?

As the CERN contact person, you can download the logo from the graphic charter and forward it to your partner. Don't forget to give him the link to the graphic charter at the same time to make sure that he complies with the technical constraints associated with its use.


I've just set up a club through the CERN Staff Association and I want to give it a logo. Can I create my own logo based on the CERN one?

We've been at great pains to establish CERN's visual identity, standardise its logo and adopt a graphic charter to protect it.

The CERN logo is the emblem of the European Organization for Nuclear Research and must not be used by a CERN club, neither in whole nor in part.


I've recently been appointed head of a new section. Can I organise a competition to create a logo for it?

CERN has five sectors, eight departments, 113 groups and well over 200 sections. It would be a waste of time and resources to create a separate logo for each one. We are all part of CERN and the logo is our common emblem. The more we use it, the more weight it carries.  It is therefore forbidden to create a separate logo for an individual organic unit.


I've had an idea for a product that might interest the CERN shop. Whom should I contact?

The articles sold by the CERN shop are selected according to various criteria which take account of the CERN "spirit", the materials used, the manufacturing quality and sourcing, compliance with the graphic charter, suitability for the different types of visitors, and cost.

Any ideas for new products may be submitted to the Shop Committee, which meets every 3 months. The Committee will decide whether your proposal complies with the strategy and with the rules in force.


My section has recently been contacted by an outside company that has done some work for CERN. The company would like to use the CERN logo on its website alongside a short text describing the work done. What do I need to do?

All requests for use of the CERN logo by an outside company must be submitted to the FP Department, the DG-CO group and the Legal Service. Once the necessary permission has been granted, the Graphics Service will supply the necessary files containing the logo and the instructions for its use and will check the proposal for compliance with the graphic charter.




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